Kurulus Osman Episode 68 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 68 by OSurdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68

Here you will get Kurulus Osman Episode 68 with Urdu Subitles on Thursday After Fajar, and Kurulus Osman Episode 68 with English Subtitles Before Fajar, InShaAllah


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In Kurulus Osman Episode 68, while Osman is talking to Kosse, Borane arrives and begins telling him what the captured soldiers said. Osman quietly listens to Borane and offers a visit to Cosse. Cosse accepts this offer and goes to the tent with the Osman. A captured Catalan soldier says he is working for Cosse. Kosses refuses by saying that someone is trying to set him up.

Osman says that soon all the truth is revealed and Cosse returns to his castle with his sister. Osman then returns to the tent and asks Serktai to follow the Catalan soldiers. Nicola’s soldiers enter his cell, believing that Taghut is dead. Taghut kills Byzantine soldiers and tries to escape from the dungeon, but is stopped by Nicola.

After a while, Kusan arrives at the Osman store and tells him that Nicola has kidnapped Taghut. Osman orders the soldiers to help the Turguth tribe and sends Gunduzz to Nicola’s castle. Nicola introduces Taghut to Mari and says she will send her back to the dungeon. Catalan soldiers slowly walk to where their friends are. Cerkutay finds mercenaries and finds a secret base in the woods.

As Gunduzz goes to the castle, he sees Byzantine soldiers preparing for a journey. Nicola welcomes Gyundutz and asks him what he wants. Gunduzz says Osman wants Taghut to be released, but Nicola does not accept the offer. Osman then visits his sword training soldiers and gives them advice. Andreas opens the wound on Priest Gregor’s arm, and pulls something out. Gregor says he hides what comes out of his arm no matter what.

Rogatus plans to take Turgut out of Nikola’s hands and talk to Anselmo about it. Gunduzz tells his brother that Nicola will give Kosse Turguth. Osman says they set him up. That night, Gokce secretly goes to the store and disables the carpet. The next day, Nicola gave Cosester Gut and said he had revenge on behalf of Mari. Osman speculates how Nicola will use it and begins waiting there with the soldiers.

Anselmo meets Cosse and tells him to help him. Meanwhile, Mari secretly hands the knife to Taghut. Cosse continues on the road with Anselmo. One of the Osman soldiers sees them and immediately transfers them to the bay. After what Osman learned, he changes his plans and prepares to attack Anselmo. Anselmo demands Taghut and attacks Kosse. Meanwhile, Osman arrives and tries to rob them of Turguth. Turguth cuts the rope with the dagger he gave Mari and begins to escape. Catalan mercenaries catch Taghut in the woods and escape.

Osman chases the woods for a while and goes to a mercenary camp. She is very worried when Gonka realizes that the floor covering in the store cannot be used. The roses arrive and are very angry with Gonka. Malhun says he will calm everyone down and find a solution to this situation. No one can find Osman in the Tent. Anselmo goes to a new camp and says Turguth is very valuable. Kumral Abdal goes to Gregor’s shop to heal a wound on his arm, but he finds the wound strange. Osman tries to find out who Anselmo is working for.

Osman then talks to Komral Abdal, he tries to learn something about Priest Gregor’s injury. He goes to the store and he tells Gregor to get well soon. The women returning from the Malhun tribe begin to make rugs. After a while, Logatus arrives at Anselmo’s camp. Rogatus is not happy because the dress is not clean. He says he sticks to the deal he made no matter what. Anselmo wants more money from Turguth, but when he sees the Logatus soldiers, he changes his mind.

Rogatus sends Turgut to his castle and goes to Osman’s shop. Rogatus says he knows Gregor is in Osman’s hands and offers Turgut in return. After that, Osman goes to talk with Sheikh Edebari. Mari says she arrived at the tribe and secretly helped Taghut with the roses.

Rose thanks Mari and begins talking about her carpet. Osman goes to Gregor’s shop and asks what about his injury. Gregor said his wounds had begun to heal, and Osman asked him to prepare to go to Logatus Castle. Logatus asks his soldiers to prepare carefully and plans the path they will take. Osman goes to exchange for Gregor and waits for Logatus. Rogatus offers Turgut and takes Gregor away.

Turgut first thanked Osman for what he did and then asked him not to interfere with his work. After a while, Taghut says Taghut can calm down and work with him. Gregor thanks the Lord and congratulates him. Turgut soon returns to his tribe and talks to his people. Kusan tries to understand how Taghut was released, but Osman says he was very helpful during this difficult time.

Turgut says he will take revenge first on Nikola and then on Kosses, no matter what happens. Malhun tries to put Orhan to sleep and then begins talking to Gokche. Malhun asks him what happened to the carpet, but he doesn’t get an answer. She understands everything and hits Gokce many times. Osman calls all the bays that night and says something to say. Bay, who comes to the meeting, doesn’t understand anything and begins asking Osman.

Osman says that anyone who wants to go can go, but when the time comes, everything will be fine. After a while, Gregor arrives at the Osman store. Osman recognizes the importance of what comes out of Gregor’s wound and secretly seizes it. Gregor then returns to his tribe and tries to understand how Osman captured what he had hidden in the little Bible. Gregor tells Andreas that he cannot leave the tribe. Otherwise he will lose things forever.

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