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Destan Season 1 Episode 11

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Destan Episode 11 with English Subtitles


destan episode 11 english subtitles

Destan Episode 11 with Urdu Subtitles


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The Turkish Historical Series Destan is really going well all around the world with its strong characters and story. Destan Season 1 Episode 11 is there with some interesting scenes. Hope so you will enjoy 11th Episode of Destan.




Destan Episode 11 : Years prior, as Alpagu was progressing with his troopers, the Chinese assaulted him. Alpagu kills Tilsim due to the message he found on a Chinese trooper. For subtly set this message on the warrior’s protection. Akkiz takes out the chest she found in the burial chamber and says that the seal has arrived. At the point when Akkiz opens the chest, the harmful snake chomps her by the hand. Akkiz swoons affected by poison. Batuga becomes extremely stressed and requests that Akkiz awaken.

Destan Episode 11 in Urdu : Akkiz opens her eyes after a brief time and says that everything is finished. Batuga says he will save Akkiz and begins to convey her on his shoulder. At the point when Vargi understands that the minister isn’t in the royal residence, he feels that he has abducted Balamir. Alpagu gets extremely furious after the new occasions in the royal residence and becomes irate with Vargi. Alpagu says Tayangu didn’t capture Balamir.

Destan Episode 11 in English : After a brief time, Gunseli and Calayir show up. Calayir says Batuga isn’t in his room. Alpagu thinks Akkiz captured Batuga and requests that his troopers track down them. Batuga keeps on conveying Akkiz and lays her some place in the steppe. At the point when Batuga sees Saltuk’s pony, he flees from that point. Saltuk sees Akkiz and takes her to the clan.

Saltuk Bey

requests that Kun Ata mend Akkiz, yet Colpan stops them. Colpan says that Akkiz was banished from the clan and requests that Saltuk accept her to somewhere else quickly. Saltuk says that Colpan is currently attempting to hold onto the privileged position. Kun Ata removes Akkiz from the clan in a vehicle. After Saltuk emerges from the tent, Colpan says she will deliver her retribution on everybody. Batuga sees Kun Ata’s vehicle and goes to converse with Akkiz. Tai takes Balamir to a cavern.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu : A brief time frame later, Colpan carries Tutkun and gives her to the minister. Balamir is angry when he discovers that Colpan is working together with the Chinese minister. Saltuk slips into this cavern and sees Colpan working with Chinese government agents. Colpan hits Saltuk on the head and takes him out. Colpan takes Balamir and goes toward the western khanate. Batuga goes to his mom’s grave and gets some information about adoration.

Destan Episode 11 English : Tai discussions to Saltuk and requests that he conceal what occurred in the cavern from everybody. Vargi returns to the graveyard and sees the dead snake inside the container. Danis says they looked all over yet couldn’t track down Batuga. Kun Ata takes Akkiz to the mystery burrow inside the castle and requests that she rest. Batuga covertly needs to converse with Kircicek to find out with regards to the most recent circumstance in the royal residence. Akkiz requests that Batuga watch out. The troopers powerfully carry Temur to the castle.

Alpagu Khan

slaps his child and says China will assault as a result of him. Alpagu keeps on being furious with his child. Temur says that regardless occurs, he will track down Tutkun and live with her. The minister then, at that point, converses with Temur and lets him know that he has caught Tutkun. Temur is extremely irate with the priest yet he can sit idle. The cleric requests that Temur follow his orders and keep on living with Mei.

Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles : Vargi goes to Mei’s room and says that he didn’t see Akkiz’s body in the burial ground. Mei says Akkiz is as yet alive and Batuga can be with her. Batuga takes Kircicek to his room and inquires as to whether she has addressed Alpagu. Kircicek says she said nothing to anybody. Batuga offers Kircicek another arrangement and says he will wed her later.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles : After Kircicek leaves the room, the cleric enters. While Mei is examining the way that Batuga entered the castle, the minister takes him out. The cleric says that he will abduct Batuga and that he will catch Akkiz. The cleric gives Khan the gifts sent by the Chinese ruler and afterward leaves the castle. Akkiz awakens inevitably and asks where Batuga is. Gunseli converses with Kaya for some time, however gets exceptionally vexed when she learns of his arrangements about Akkiz.

The Vizier

places Batuga in an enclosure with Tutkun. Akkiz goes to Batuga’s room and sees his wooden sword. Akkiz sees that something terrible has happened to Batuga and goes to converse with Kircicek. The cleric converses with Batuga and says that Akkiz will come on account of him. The minister tells how he thought Batuga was the soul of Gok. To test Batuga, the priest wounds him in the hand.

Destan Season 1 Episode 11 English : Batuga says nothing, despite the fact that his hand harms. Alpagu goes to Batuga’s room and says he is extremely disturbed. Afterward, Temur and Gunseli show up. Alpagu says he will observe his child however at that point goes toward the western khanate with Kaya. Ece says that Akkiz grabbed Batuga, yet Temur objects to his mom.

Destan Season 1 Episode 11 Urdu : Akkiz goes to Kircicek’s room and gets some information about Batuga. Kircicek says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where Batuga is. Akkiz says she needs to get support from somebody to track down Batuga. Akkiz then, at that point, slips into Saltuk’s room. She says Batuga has been abducted and asks Saltuk for help. Akkiz lets Saltuk know what occurred in the graveyard and the snake she tracked down there. Saltuk says that somebody will kill Akkiz. The cleric sends a mystery message to Colpan and requests that she send Akkiz.

Alpagu Khan

goes to the terrains that Balamir used to decide and sees that the troopers there have been killed. Alpagu understands that Balamir is attempting to frame another military. Yaman shows Akkiz the message sent by the minister. Akkiz discovers that Batuga is some place close to the woods and sets off right away. The minister affixes Batuga to the enclosure and trusts that Akkiz will come. Batuga composes a message to Temur involving the blood in his grasp.

Destan Season 1 Episode 11 Urdu : Temur realizes where his sibling is and embarks to save him. Yaman and Saltuk start the assault. Akkiz enters the enclosure to save Batuga, yet the cleric locks her inside. Vargi tells Ece that Akkiz has entered the enclosure. Ece educates that her arrangement regarding Tilsim won’t ever be uncovered and requests that her warriors consume the tent. Officers shoot blazing bolts at the tent. Temur goes to the consuming tent to save Batuga. Ece needs to save Temur, however Vargi stops her.

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