Destan Episode 10 with English and Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Season 1 Episode 10

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Destan Episode 10 with English Subtitles


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Destan Episode 10 with Urdu Subtitles


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The Turkish Historical Series Destan is really going well all around the world with its strong characters and story. Destan Season 1 Episode 10 is there with some interesting scenes. Hope so you will enjoy 10th Episode of Destan.




Destan Episode 10 : Alpagu Khan chooses to go to the royal residence after what occurred at the gathering spot and sets out. Kircicek requests that Akkiz converse with Khan straightaway and to permit the marriage. Ece discovers that Kircicek needs to wed Batuga, yet she can’t get it. Alpagu figures Kircicek can render retribution and asks Akkiz inquiries about her.

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu: In the interim, a few aggressors begin shooting bolts at the individuals who go to the castle. Troopers attempt to safeguard Alpagu. Akkiz goes to Batuga and attempts to save him. Batuga says something turned out badly. A few fighters seize Balamir and bring him into the timberland. Akkiz sees Balamir running into the timberland and starts following him. Saltuk goes to the woodland to get the backstabber. Despite the fact that Balamir doesn’t have a clue about the assailants, he attempts to escape with them.

Destan Episode 10 in English : Akkiz stops Balamir’s pony and gets him in the woods. Colpan shows up not long after. Colpan requests Balamir’s delivery. Saltuk becomes furious with Colpan and asks what occurred. Colpan tells that Tutkun has gotten away from the royal residence and that is the reason she needs to utilize Balamir. Akkiz makes a move to conceal that the aggressors are from the Dag and conveys Balamir to Alpagu. The ceremonial starts with Khan’s landing in the royal residence.

Alpagu Khan

sits back on the privileged position and starts to watch the service. Danis says that after the function all is well and the high position presently has a place with Alpagu. Alpagu promptly calls Balamir and starts to pass judgment on him. Saltuk lets everybody know that Balamir will be pursued for conspiracy and attempting to kill Khan. Kircicek comes as an observer and admits that she did everything on the sets of her dad. Subsequent to paying attention to Kircicek, Balamir asks where the genuine paw is.

Destan Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles : Balamir proceeds to talk and tells that she harmed Alpagu previously. Alpagu starts to contemplate the hook. Khan says the chamber will settle on Balamir around early afternoon. Alpagu goes to his room and understands that Akkiz is the genuine hook. Ece converses with Mei and tells her that Alpagu has reclaimed the high position.

Destan Episode 10 English Subtitles : Vizier says that Temur’s activities have harmed Mei’s honor and requests that Ece kill Tutkun. Temur goes to a hotel outside the city with Tutkun. Batuga discovers that the Chinese armed force is moving toward the line and sends Yaman to track down Temur. The gathering proclaims Balamir liable. Alpagu says Balamir will be executed at sunrise. Hearing this choice, Colpan plans to break Balamir out of the prison. Colpan sends a mystery message to Mei for this arrangement.

Alpagu Khan calls Akkiz to his room

and starts conversing with her. Alpagu says he comprehends that Akkiz is a hook and requests that she leave the royal residence at the earliest opportunity. Akkiz acknowledges this so reality with regards to Batuga isn’t uncovered. Alpagu then, at that point, orders Temur to be brought to the royal residence and sends Kaya to this mission. Alpagu becomes irate with Balamir’s colleague and excuses him from his post. Ece comprehends that Alpagu is exceptionally furious and requests that he quiet down a bit.

Dastan Episode 10 : Alpagu Khan gathers the minister and Mei. Alpagu Khan needs the Chinese warriors to leave the boundary region at the earliest opportunity. The minister requests that Khan track down Temur. Alpagu says he is prepared for the fight to come and sends the minister. Khan then, at that point, becomes irate with Gunseli and asks her not to commit any errors once more. Alpagu at long last becomes irate with Kircicek and says he will send her to one more clan as a lady of the hour.

Dastan Episode 10 in Urdu: Kircicek requests that Batuga alter Alpagu’s perspective and compromises him. Akkiz says she needs to leave the castle after what Khan said. A brief time frame later, Alpagu goes to Batuga’s room. Alpagu lets his child know that Akkiz is the paw. Alpagu says he laments telling his sentiments to Akkiz. Akkiz lets Batuga know that the ones who captured Balayir in the backwoods are working for Colpan.


is pitiful on the grounds that she has no place to go any longer. Cleric subtly goes to meet Colpan. Colpan says she will track down Temur yet needs something consequently. Colpan requests that the minister remove Balamir from the prison. The cleric is amazed by this deal and acknowledges it.

Destan Episode 10 : Saltuk understands that the minister is meeting with Colpan and considers what is happening. Colpan says she will capture Balamir. Saltuk is exceptionally irate with this arrangement and says that Colpan is attempting to hold onto the lofty position. Mei observes Tayangu in the castle and says she needs to converse with him. The cleric says he abducted Tayangu’s family. Tayangu consents to abduct Balamir from the prison to save his family.

Destan Series : That evening Alpagu goes to the prison to talk with Balamir once and for all. The minister and Tayangu give resting medications to the officers in the castle. Alpagu sends the officers in the prison and starts drinking sherbet with Balamir. Mei sees the watchmen resting and requests that Tayangu open the prison entryway. Balamir discusses the past and gradually nods off. Saltuk understands that something is off-base since he is out of nowhere lethargic. He later sees that every one of the watchmen are snoozing.

Saltuk Bey

understands that somebody is attempting to seize Balamir and starts yelling in the hallways of the castle. Since everybody in the royal residence is sleeping, nobody can help Saltuk. Tayangu goes to the prison and removes Balamir from his cell. The minister comes to the prison with his two warriors and says thanks to Tayangu. The cleric kills Tayangu and takes Balamir from the castle. Akkiz takes Batuga to the graveyard. Prior to opening his granddad’s grave, Batuga supplicates and requests that consent from him accomplish this work. Akkiz begins burrowing the grave.

Yaman observes the hotel where Temur is and lets him know what occurred in the royal residence. Temur says that regardless of whether war breaks out, he won’t get back to the royal residence. In the interim, Colpan’s officers start to assault and grab Tutkun. Kaya comes and helps his sibling. Temur embarks to search for Tutkun. Akkiz opens the burial chamber and tracks down a crate there. Akkiz believes that there is the Khan’s seal inside the case and opens it, yet the harmful snake inside the crate tears into her.

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