Barbaroslar Episode 19 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 19 by OSurdu

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19

If you are looking for Barbaroslar Episode 19 with English Subtitles and Barbaroslar Episode 19 with Urdu Subtitles, you can get here with Full HD Quality

Barbaroslar Episode 19 with English Subtitles


barbaroslar episode 19 english

Barbaroslar Episode 19 with Urdu Subtitles


barbaroslar episode 19 urdu

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The Turkish Historical Series Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı is really going well with its strong story and characters. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 is there with some interesting scenes. Hope so you will enjoy Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean Episode 19.




Barbaroslar Episode 19 : Oruj starts to assault Conrad with his warriors. The Turks battled for quite a while to take the island back. Gladius understands that he will lose the conflict and starts to escape towards the port. Khizir shoots Gladius in the leg and goes to the harbor to get Pietro. Huma expresses gratitude toward Sahsenem for saving the boat and welcomes her to her home. Sahbaz takes his sister and attempts to go to the motel.

Barbaroslar Episode 19 in Urdu : Firuze stops Sahbaz and becomes furious with him for breaking the arrangement. Ilyas and the mariners save the mosque on the island. Ishaq reclaims his manor and hangs a Turkish banner there. Pietro becomes irate with Gladius for not having the option to hold onto the island and gets back to Kalymnos. Oruj executes Conrad before everybody. While Sahin is conversing with his sister, Sahbaz comes and says that she will help Unita now.

Barbaroslar Episode 19 in English : Sahin becomes irate at the present circumstance. Oruj goes to his dad’s grave with his siblings and appeals to God for him. Whenever Pietro gets back to Kalymnos, the warriors capture him. While Pietro is attempting to sort out what occurred, Admiral Salvator comes and says he will be rebuffed. Pietro says he actually has a guaranteed winner to render his retribution on Oruj and persuades the naval commander.

ShahSenem and Isabel

contend a couple of times at the hotel. Pietro says he will hurt Oruj by utilizing his sister. A lady makes a move to condition Meryem and gives her medications. Karabay converses with a man from the royal residence and understands that he needs to stop Oruj for the last time. Karabay goes to Oruj’s house with his officers and captures everybody there indeed.

Barbaroslar Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles : Karabay kills an Ottoman warrior and seizes all the ammo in the house. Dervish asks Karabay not to contact these conflict materials, but rather this cautioning is pointless. Karabay’s boat stops Oruj in the ocean and attempts to capture him. Oruj goes to Alexandria in the wake of killing the Mamluk troopers. Sahbaz realizes what Karabay has done and is exceptionally blissful with regards to the present circumstance.

Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitles : Hizir goes to Kalymnos as a diplomat. Niko gets into a contention while Salvator converses with Hizir. While Khizir goes to converse with Pietro, Salvator takes Piri and Niko to the prison. Pietro converses with his sister and tells her that the Turks hoodwinked her years prior. Pietro says Khizir killed his mom. Meryem recollects her youth and begins to believe that Khizir killed her family.

Oruj Reis

goes to his basement and converses with his companions. Oruj says he needs to discover where Huma is. Antuan says he will do this work and sets out. Salvator removes Niko from his cell and starts to torment him. Piri attempts to stop Salvator. Salvator says he will kill every one of the Turks. Khizir requests that Pietro convert to Islam or give up the island. Hizir says Pietro has no strength after the loss in Lesvos.

Barbarossa Episode 19 : Pietro requests that Hizir quiet down and lets him know that an enormous armada has effectively come to Kalymnos for help. Hizir says Turks will win this conflict. Immediately, Pietro calls Meryem to the nursery of the palace. Hizir is extremely shocked to see Meryem. Pietro allows Hizir two days to drop his conflict arrangements and lets him know that he should leave the post. Antuan catches a Mamluk trooper. Hizir makes an arrangement to save Meryem and goes to the port as though leaving the island.

Oruj understands that

Firuze is at Karabay’s home. Sahsenem attempts to enter the structure of Unita, however Sahbaz stops her. Sahbaz says there is a significant man inside and sends his sister. Sahin discovers that the man in Unita’s structure is named Martin and attempts to assemble more data.

Barbarossa Episode 19 in English : Oruj and his companions enter the city that evening. Oruj goes into Emir’s home and gets him. Sahin tells Isabel that Sahbaz got Martin. Isabel understands that Oruj is correct and attempts to think of an arrangement to assault Sahbaz. Antuan goes to the prison in the city to save Dervish and the Ahis. Oruj goes to the room Karabay told him, however he can’t see anybody there. Karabay utilizes this chance to escape from his home.

While Oruj is attempting

to escape the house, Emir’s warriors begin taking shots at the house. Sahbaz says he will send Huma to Pietro. At the point when Emir attempts to kill Oruj, a blast happens. Oruj flees from home during the blast. Isabel sees Oruj in a side road and takes him home. Pietro programs Meryem completely and asks her where the Turkish government agents on the island are. Isabel says Oruj is correct and her sibling is grabbed by Sahbaz. Oruj says he will help Isabel regardless, on the whole, he needs to save his family.

Barbarossa Episode 19 English Subtitles : Enroute to the base camp of the Turkish government agents on the island, Khizir understands that Christian troopers have laid out a snare there. Khizir questions Pietro’s officer and discovers that Ottoman covert operatives have been gotten. Piri can’t see how Pietro tracked down the mystery central command. Khizir says he will slip into the palace and will save everybody there. Salvator starts to torment a covert operative yet can’t gain a single thing from him.

Huma Hatun

leaves the city with Emir’s fighters, yet understands that something is off-base. Sahbaz requests that Pietro’s fighters assault this vehicle. While Emir is conversing with the fighters in the house, Oruj comes. Oruj says he will give up in return for the arrival of his family and the arrival of the ammo. Emir says he won’t make such an arrangement and captures Oruj. Ilyas saves Huma and Esma.

Barbarossa Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles : Isabel goes to Emir’s home and lets him know that Huma went to the conveyance place. In the interim, Antuan comes to the chateau and starts killing Emir’s officers. Oruj’s arrangement works and he gets Emir. Piri and Khizir enter the palace utilizing huge chests. While Piri goes to the prison to save the covert operatives, Khizir goes to Meryem’s room. Oruj says Karabay’s mix-ups are too extraordinary to ever be redressed and kills him. Khizir attempts to get Meryem out of the palace. Meryem says Khizir assaulted her family years prior and wounds him.

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