Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 with English and Urdu Subtitles

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Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 Episode 13

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AlpArslan Episode 13 English Subtitles


alparslan episode 13 english

AlpArslan Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles


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The Turkish Historical Series Alp Arslan: Buyuk Selcuklu is really going well all around the world with its strong characters and story. AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 Episode 13 is there with some interesting scenes. Hope so you will enjoy AlpArslan: Great Seljuks Episode 13.




Alp Arslan Episode 13 : After saving Sultan, Alparslan gets back to Girdkuh palace and discovers that a trickster has captured Akca. Alparslan leaves the palace with his officers and starts searching for Akca. While Diogenes is feeling that Bozan’s arrangement worked, a message comes from him. Diogenes discovers that Bozan needs something for Akca. In the mean time, Bozan’s warriors assume Akca to a position in the timberland.

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in English : Diogenes feels that Alparslan will track down Akca and starts to follow him furtively. Tughrul is irate with his vizier on account of what occurred in the royal residence. Alparslan kills a portion of Bozan’s officers and holds onto the vehicle, yet can’t track down Akca. Bozan orders Akca to be taken to a mystery cave in the woods and starts to make an arrangement.

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu :  Emir Bozan says that he will acquire Alparslan’s trust by utilizing Akca. Ruler discovers that his eyes are gradually beginning to mend, however that it will consume most of the day. The Lord needs to stow away from everybody what his eyes can’t see. The overall says that he will before long assume full responsibility for the palace by request of the ruler. After this occasion, the Lord chooses to come clean with Evdokya about Maria.

Akca Hatun

starts to stand by in the cavern with the backstabbers. Yinal discovers that the trooper he shipped off Girdkuh is a trickster, however he can barely handle it. Alparslan says that Yinal ought to be more cautious. Yinal rejects the allegations against his troopers and sends Alparslan. Sehver realizes what occurred in the castle and becomes extremely stressed. Diogenes goes to Ghazni and needs to converse with Bozan. Sehver finds out with regards to this and calls Diogenes. Caghri gets back to the clan.

AlpArslan Episode 13 in English : Diogenes says that he conversed with Bozan about a business bargain previously and that he needs to converse with him about it once more. Sehver says she is the authority in the castle, however Diogenes doesn’t tell her the subtleties of the arrangement. Yinal realizes what occurred in the castle and embarks to converse with the Sultan. Alparslan gets back to the central command with Emir Ali’s body.

AlpArslan Episode 13 in Urdu : Batur is extremely dismal with regards to Emir’s demise and needs the memorial service function to be done at the earliest opportunity. While Caghri plans to come clean with everybody about Akca, Suleiman comes to the clan. Suleiman lets his dad know what occurred at the castle. Master has a fantasy, and Dukas comes into the room. The General understands that the Lord’s eyes can’t see and requests that he tell everything. Alparslan and the warriors start to supplicate after the memorial service.


says he will retaliate for everybody killed by the backstabbers. Master says he won’t utter a word. Diogenes says he actually hasn’t had the option to save Maria. Diogenes says he has an arrangement to keep Dukas from taking control and requests that the Lord provide him with the title of lead representative. Sehver discovers that Akca is inside the lines of Ghazne and sends her warriors. Alparslan goes to converse with his sister and asks her where Bozan is. Diogenes says thanks to Evdokya for her help and says that she will be the future Byzantine Queen. Caghri and Yinal go to the royal residence. Tughrul lets them know what occurred in the royal residence and requests that they get Akca.

AlpArslan Episode 13 : Alparslan discovers that Bozan will search for Akca in the woodland and makes a move to view as her. Master says he has made Diogenes the new legislative leader of the palace. Akca discovers that Natik has come to the cavern and starts to assault the adherents. Alparslan’s Alps sees the Ghazni warriors in the woods and starts to follow them. Alparslan enters the mystery cave in the timberland and sees Bozan there. Bozan says that the backstabbers hijacked Akca.

Alp Arslan Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles : Bozan deceives Alparslan and keeps on executing his arrangement with his associate. Akca imagines that Bozan’s colleague is Natik. Diogenes goes to a hotel that evening and meets Emir. Emir lets Maria know that he needs four chests of gold consequently. Diogenes gets back to the palace and lets the Lord know what the Emir needs. Kekaumenos acknowledges Diogenes’ arrangement. Diogenes sets out with his officers the following morning.

Emir Bozan

places Akca Hatun in a vehicle and sends her to the conveyance place. Alparslan starts to follow the Byzantine officers and figures that he will track down Akca along these lines. Diogenes understands that the Turks have come to the timberland and chooses to stow away with his officers. Diogenes says that Alparslan will assault Bozan and starts to watch the conflict from a remote place. Alparslan sees the phony Natik drawing nearer and orders his officers to assault.

Alp Arslan Episode 13 English Subtitles :  Alparslan kills the tricksters and saves Akca. Akca over and over requests that Alparslan for authorization return to Vaspurakan, yet he declines. Akca says this is her last opportunity to kill the Lord, however Alparslan says he won’t send her ridiculously. Diogenes shows up as of now and asks Alparslan for Maria. Counterfeit Natik utilizes this open door and begins to flee. Akca unexpectedly assaults Diogenes and requests that he seize her.

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 : Diogenes is extremely astounded by the present circumstance however captures Maria. Diogenes’ warriors catch Natik and return to the palace. Alparslan kills the Byzantine officers however understands that Akca has been hijacked. Before Maria sees the Lord, she goes to her room and starts conversing with Alpagut. Alpagut requests that she adhere to the fabulous arrangement. Maria says she will kill the Lord this time regardless and asks Alpagut not to stop her.


gets back to the base camp and blows up in light of the fact that he was unable to save Akca’s life. Ruler discovers that Diogenes brought Maria and Natik. Maria converses with the Lord and lets him know that she is extremely upset for what occurred. Ruler says he will vindicate Alparslan and asks Natik a few inquiries. Diogenes says that they can request a few things from Seljuk utilizing Natik. Maria says she needs to supplicate with the Lord and goes to the congregation in the palace with her dad.

Alp Arslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 English : Alparslan says that Akca made a guarantee to save her life and that is the reason he needed to go to the palace alone. During the supplication in the congregation, Maria begins conversing with the Lord and lets him know that she knows it all. Alparslan enters the palace right now, yet somebody gets him. Alpagut places his blade in Alparslan’s throat and takes him to the congregation. Whenever Akca sees Alparslan being gotten, she takes the Lord hostage and says she will kill him.

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